Setting up your new Kiosk devices

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Setting up your kiosk

Welcome to your new Xuno Kiosk. If you have leased your kiosk hardware from us, store the Kiosk Welcome card in a safe place as it contains your important Guided Access passcode.

  1. If you have received a Mini Kiosk, you can place it on a desk or other surface in the office. If using a large kiosk, place it somewhere that is easy to see for visitors and parents, and where it will not be in the way. It is recommended to place the kiosk near a wall. Your Kiosk should be positioned in a place that has a strong WIFI signal.
  2. Plug the power adaptor into a powerpoint and ensure that the iPad is connected via the charging cord to the power adaptor. If using a large freestanding kiosk, the connection to the iPad is internal and has been secured by the XUNO support team prior to you receiving it.
  3. If using a Mini Kiosk with a printer, place the kiosk printer (if using) in a good position where the visitors can take the pass, or if you prefer you can store it behind the counter and hand the pass to the visitor/student after they have signed in. If using a large kiosk, the printer is stored in the metal box. The metal casing comes with a key - please store this key somewhere safe. You will need the key to replace the paper roll.
  4. Load the paper roll into the receipt printer by following the manufacturer instructions. If you try to print and nothing appears on the paper, please put the paper in the opposite way, as it is likely that it is upside down.
  5. Plug the receipt printer power adaptor into a powerpoint and into the back of the printer.
  6. You may choose to install extra security measures such as locks into your Kiosk hardware.
  7. Turn on your iPad by holding down the power button. Then switch on your receipt printer.


Connecting and configuring your new kiosk

  1. Configure your iPad to connect to your wireless network as per your organisation’s instructions. Your iPad requires access to the internet without having to enter a username or password to access your proxy server.
  2. Once your iPad is connected to your Wireless network, click on the XUNO Kiosk icon to open the kiosk application.
  3. The application should display the home screen, allowing you to click on Student, Staff or Visitor. If you do not see this screen then please check your internet connection. Contact our support team for assistance.
  4. Activate Guided Access on your Kiosk using the instructions in the related article below.
  5. Using a computer, login to your XUNO software as an administrator.
  6. Click on the Options menu and then click on Kiosks.
  7. Your available kiosks, including your new one, will show. Your new kiosk can be identified by its serial number.
  8. Rename your new kiosk to something more descriptive and change any other options that you require. Each kiosk can be configured individually as required.
  9. Click on the Options menu and then click on Kiosk Settings.
  10. Change any options as required. These Kiosk Settings will affect all kiosks that you use throughout your school.
  11. Your new kiosk is now ready for use.


Guided Access Restrictions on your kiosk

We have configured your kiosk iPad with remote management software (for us to provide you with remote support) and set up your iPad with Apple’s Guided Access feature enabled. Guided Access allows us to lock the iPad to the XUNO Kiosk App, thus preventing users from clicking on the Home button and loading other applications. Your technician will need to deactivate Guided Access each time to adjust settings on your iPad and to connect to your wireless network.

Your Guided Access passcode is written on your Kiosk Welcome card. Please keep this information in a safe place. If you lose your Guided Access passcode you will need to soft-reset your iPad by holding down the power and home buttons. Guided Access should always be active when using your Kiosk.

Read the related article below 'How to Use the Kiosk Guided Access Mode' to learn how to activate, deactivate and configure Guided Access on your Kiosk Mini.


Manually reconnecting your Star TSP 650 receipt printer to your iPad

Follow these steps to reconnect your receipt printer to your iPad. Normally this step is not required, however, some circumstances such as replacement of the printer under warranty will require these steps to be completed before you can print receipts using your Kiosk.

If your printer is an EPSON printer, please click here for connection instructions.

  1. Deactivate Guided Access on your iPad using the instructions in the related article.
  2. Click on the iPad home button to show your application icons.
  3. Click on the Settings icon.
  4. Click on the Bluetooth item.
  5. If a <kiosk serial no> item is listed in the Devices list – click on its corresponding “i” icon (i with a circle), then click on Forget this Device. Your printer serial number device may have additional text before or after its name.
  6. On the back of your Star TSP 650 receipt printer, near the power cord, find and hold the PAIR button for 5-8 seconds. The small light will start flashing. You will have 60 seconds to pair your printer to your iPad. This step is not required if using an EPSON printer.
  7. In your iPad Bluetooth settings your printer device will appear. Click on the item to connect your printer to your iPad. Once connected, your Star Micronics printer will show “Connected”.
  8. Click on the iPad home button.
  9. Click on the XUNO Kiosk icon to open the Kiosk app.
  10. Activate Guided Access again using the instructions in the related article.