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Integrate Timetabling Solutions Daily Organisation version 9 with XUNO

This article will help you with the initial setup of the integration between Timetabling Solutions Daily Organisation and XUNO Daily organisation.

Once you have done this initial setup, please follow the guide for How to sync Daily Org Changes into XUNO from Timetabling Solutions version 9.

What are the benefits of syncing the daily changes into XUNO?

  • Teachers will receive notifications (if enabled) of any changes which are relevent to them - for example if their timetable is affected by room changes, extra classes, teacher replacements.
  • Teachers who are replacing classes will now have easy access to roll marking, lesson plans and much more, right from their dashboard
  • All staff can view live changes to timetables via the Daily Organisation Summary, right on their dashboard. This summary shows all changes across the school, including any CRTs on site and other room changes and staff absences if applicable.
  • No more having to send around a Daily Bulletin, PDF or Excel sheet via email to notify staff of any changes - all live published changes are available to teachers as soon as the sync is complete each morning and throughout the day. 
  • No delay is communication the changes to teachers - as soon as the sync process is complete, the data is available in XUNO.
  • Sync changes on demand, as many times as required throughout the day

Steps to initialise the integration of Timetabling Solutions Daily Organisation, version 9.

    1. Go to the File menu, and select Export Data
    2. Use the dropdown menu to select LISS, and click Next.
    3. On the next screen, the Daily Organisation file you had open already will be prefilled in the top field.
      The timetable ranges and Daily Organiser Day ranges will automatically be filled with the correct values.
    4. Click Connect to a different server to setup the sync for the first time.
    5. Enter LISS server connection details:
      1. LISS Server URL: Your XUNO URL followed by /import/timetable/liss.desktop.php
      2. School ID – your 4 digit school identified number
      3. Xuno Admin Username – Any username of an account in XUNO with Admin access
      4. Xuno Admin Password
      5. User Agent  – leave the values as they are
      6. LISS Version – leave the values as they are

6.   Click Test connection to LISS server to make sure connection is successful.

7.   You should then be brought back to the sync screen (the top of the pop up will say LISS Data Manager). Click Connect file for comparison and follow the prompts to complete the sync.

8.   Now login to XUNO and check that your changes are displayed in Administration > Daily Organisation. Things to look out for are:
    1. Have any cancelled classes been reflected in XUNO?
    2. Have your teacher replacements come across? If not – you may need to address one of the following issues:
      • Teacher codes in Timetabler must precisely match the teacher initials in XUNO. Eg if Kathryn Smith’s initials in XUNO are KAS, then the teacher code in Timetabler must also be KAS.
      • The timetable synced to XUNO may not be the most recent version of the timetable. Please follow the usual timetable import (using the exported CSV files), and then repeat the sync process.
      • Have your room changes been reflected in XUNO?
      • Have all Daily Organisation changes been published? If not, you may see a button that says Publish all Changes. If you see this, click it to publish the changes, and let XUNO support know if you are consistently seeing this button. All Daily org changes should be published automatically when the sync occurs, without having to click Publish.