XUNO Kiosk barcode specifications

Student barcodes can be printed out for quicker sign-in and out at the XUNO Kiosk.

The XUNO Kiosk comes standard with a front facing camera that acts as a barcode scanner for student identification. We encourage all of our schools to print their student's identification codes onto their identification cards for ease of use when signing in and out with the XUNO Kiosk. 

The specifications for the barcodes are as below. 

  • The size of the barcode on the student identification card needs to exceed or be equal to the minimum size of 38mm wide, and 10mm high. 
  • The bar width needs to be at least 2 pixels wide. 
  • The barcode must be encoded in the 128-B format. 
  • The barcode value must be the student identification code (eg. ABB0003). Any additional characters will not be recognised (eg. #ABB0003 or ABB0003-A01).

Other variables that may effect how well a card may scan are:

  • The barcode may not scan if the room is too dark or the front camera has a lens flare from a nearby light source. 
  • The student identification card must be held approximately 30cm away from the camera. Any closer or further away may limit the scanners ability to read the code. 
  • Heavy damage to the identification card and barcode, such as scratches and marks, may cause the card to become unreadable.

To generate a barcode for testing purposes, you can create a barcode by visiting the following website https://www.barcodesinc.com or you can look at an example barcode here