Viewing the emergency evacuation report

This report is only available if you are using XUNO Attendance. Please contact us on 1300 067 478 for more information. The report provides up-to-date attendance information for emergency evacuations.

  1. Click on the Administration menu and then click on the Emergency Evacuation Attendance under the Reports subheading.
  2. The report automatically works out the current time and period and displays the most current up-to-date attendance, as well as the attendance for each period of the entire day. The attendance letters shown are the same letters used for the attendance reason export code, with the exception that x = Unmarked, and – = no class.
  3. By default, results are shown grouped by form or home-group. Click on the Group By Class option to change the grouping by current class.
  4. Click on the Print button to print your results.
  5. Use the Accounted For tick box to manually tick each student during the evacuation process. You can only use this tick box manually once you have printed the report.