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Video: How to use Incidents and Actions for Positive Behaviour Support

Here is a short demonstration of XUNO's Positive Behaviour Support feature. For more information and to arrange a free personalised demonstration, click here to contact us.

Some of the key features include:

  1. Logging behaviour incident for a student
  2. Customisation of incident/behaviour types (Disrupting the class, Ignoring instructions etc)
  3. Customisation of the form to be filled out by staff
  4. Generating a summary of Wellbeing and Behaviour information for one student (student behaviour profile)
  5. Viewing data in graphs with summary tables below
  6. Zooming further into graphs by clicking areas and viewing the details
  7. Many filtering and graphing options
  8. Email, SMS and XUNO on screen notifications for easy communication and ZERO duplication of effort.