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Setting up and using your Edval Daily to XUNO sync

This article is for schools using Edval Daily for their Daily Organisation tasks who wish to automatically sync this data to XUNO. This article details the initial sync setup process, and how to sync data from Edval Daily to XUNO.

Initial setup

In Edval Daily:

  1. Go to Daily > Synchronise
  2. Click on the Add sync system button.
  3. Select XUNO (Xtreme Software) from the System dropdown.
  4. The fields will then update to the following:
  5. Enter the XUNO URL: https://demo.xuno.com.au/import/edval.liss.dailyorg.php (replace 'demo' with your school's information here - ask your school technician if you are not sure of these details.
  6. Enter the username and password of an active XUNO account with full admin permissions.
  7. Make the appropriate selections for your school in the Auto sync and Other sections.
  8. Click the Save button.

Syncing data from Edval Daily to XUNO

In Edval Daily:

  1. Go to Daily > Synchronise.
  2. Select XUNO (Xtreme Software).
  3. Click on Basic/Advanced sync.
  4. Set date range and what you would like to sync.
  5. Click Sync.