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Setting up XUNO to automatically check for new received SMS (on premise schools only)

This article is only for on premise schools receiving SMS via XUNO.

Can I set up email notifications to let me know when we receive a new SMS?

Yes! Whenever a parent sends an SMS to your school's dedicated XUNO virtual mobile number, you can receive an email notification to let you know it's there. If your school is hosting XUNO on premise (i.e. not in the cloud), you will need to complete the below steps to ensure you are receiving the messages and to enable the email notifications.

Do we have to have email notifications for SMS?

No - you do not have to activate the email notifications for SMS. However, you need to complete Part One below regardless of whether you want to activate the email notifications. This new process will get XUNO to periodically check for new SMS. You may choose how often this occurs. Schools who are hosted do not need to do this, as it is handled automatically by our servers to check for new SMS every 3 minutes. On premise schools may want to only check perhaps every 10 minutes so as not to increase the server load too much, unless you are certain it won't be an issue on your server.

If your school has already been running XUNO 11.4.1597 or later for some time, this task has likely already been done by your technician.

Part One: How to setup the Scheduled Task to check SMS periodically

  1. Open the Task Scheduler on your XUNO server.
  2. Right-click on the Task Scheduler Library and choose Create Task
  3. Enter “XUNO Check SMS” as the name of the task.
  4. Set the user running the task to SYSTEM by clicking on the Change User or Group button.
  5. Tick the options Run whether the user is logged on or not and Run with highest privileges.
  6. Click on the Triggers tab and click on the New button.
  7. Change the settings to Daily, leave the Start Date as the current date and set the Start time to a time 2 minutes after the current time.
  8. Tick the  Repeat task every checkbox, and set the interval to every 10 minutes or as desired. As mentioned above, you may want to keep an eye on the server if you set it to smaller intervals than this, as it may increase the load on your server. Modify the duration to 1 day. Do not select Indefinitely.
  9. Click the OK button to continue.
  10. Click on the Actions tab and click on the New button.
  11. In the Program/script field enter the name checkSMS.bat
  12. The above bat file is created in the Secure folder of your Xuno installation folder. You will need to enter the path to the bat file into the Start in (optional) field eg. C:\Websites\XUNO\Secure\. It is important that you keep the last backslash in the path.
  13. Click OK to continue.
  14. Click the OK button to save the new scheduled task.
  15. Select the new task and click Run.
  16. You have now completed setting up your automated SMS check. Verify that it is running correctly by refreshing the task and looking at the history.

Part Two: How to setup email notifications for SMS

Click here for information on how the notifications work, and instructions on how to configure your email notifications, including setting up the recipients.