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Permissions in XUNO Purchase Order System

The configuration of the Purchase Order System ensures that the correct people have access to the right areas. Note: you must have Administrator permissions to use the Configuration menu.

Set up Permissions

1. Click Configuration > Permissions

2. Search for the user and click View

3. Toggle the Has Role switch to enable/disable permissions for that role

4. Toggle the Receives Notifications switch to enable/disable email notifications for that role


Explanation of Permissions

The following Permission types can be selected in the Purchase Order System and they apply across the whole system.

  • Accounts Manager: Permission to Search and View users, orders, budgets and creditors in the system
  • Signatory: Permission to sign off and finalise purchase orders
  • Administrator: Full access to the system
  • Approve Own Orders: Permission to approve own orders
  • Multiple Budget Ordered: Permission to split an order across multiple budgets


Budget Access

Budget Access specifies what Budgets users have access to and are granted on a per budget basis.

Note: Users may have permission to more than one budget.

  • Can Order From: Allows the user to order from this budget
  • Budget Leader: Permission to approve, but not finalise purchase orders
  • Receives Notifications: Allows the user to receive notifications regarding the budget