How to view and submit your assignments, work and tasks in XUNO

This article is for students, parents and carers at schools using XUNO for schoolwork submission and feedback.

  1. Click on the Learning menu and then click on the Lessons, Assignments and Tasks item. If you're using a mobile device, you'll need to tap on the menu icon in the top left first, before you can tap on the Learning menu.
  2. A list of your current classes appear on the left side of the page. On a mobile device, you'll need to tap the down arrow in the top navigation bar to view your classes. Parents are able to see the classes under each of their children's names, whereas students are only able to see their own classes.
  3. By default, only the current classes in the timetable are shown. To view previous and future classes in the current year, click on the More button located at the bottom of the list of classes. You can also view classes and assignments from previous years by clicking on the date picker in the top right of the screen, selecting your new date range, and then clicking on the Update button
  4. Click on a class to select it, and you'll be presented with a class summary page. The left menu will change to provide you with more per-class options - click on the Assignments and Tasks item in the left menu. On a mobile device, you'll need to tap the down arrow in the top navigation bar to be able to tap on the additional Assignment and Tasks menu item.
  5. Your current assignments, work and tasks are shown by default. Use the buttons at the top to view future and completed items. A work item is classified as completed once it has been marked as completed by the teacher or given a grade.
  6. Click on or tap an item of work in the list to view more information, including a full description, resources, teacher feedback, grade and more.
  7. Students are able to upload their work by clicking on the Upload Work button. Parents are able to view and download uploaded work but are not able to upload work themselves, unless this option has been enabled by the school for a particular task.
  8. Use the top navigation menu bar to go back to your list of classes by clicking on the Classes part of the navigation bar. The navigation bar is the coloured bar below the very top header menu bar that contains the > arrows to show you what page you are currently viewing. On a mobile device you'll need to tap the down arrow in the top navigation bar to go back.
  9. You can click on the Print icon in the top header bar at anytime to print the page you're viewing. The print icon is not available on mobiles and devices using small screens.