Notifications in the XUNO Staff App

The XUNO Staff app allows users to receive Notifications on their mobile and tablet devices.

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Note: Your school must be on the latest version of XUNO to ensure the app works well. You should also always update your device software to ensure compatibility with the XUNO Staff app. Allowing automatic updates on this app is also recommended.


  1. The School has enabled App Notifications in the XUNO Website. The app will only deliver notifications when the school has enabled them. See this article for more information. Only a XUNO administrator at your school can access the settings mentioned in this article.
  2. The school is running the latest version of XUNO.
  3. The mobile device is kept up-to-date with the latest operating system and updates for the XUNO Staff app.
  4. You have Push Notifications enabled on your mobile or tablet device. See manufacturer instruction on how to do this.

Notifications menu

When you first log in to the app, you will be taken into the Notifications menu. This will show you:

  • Only notifications that you have received since installing the app
  • Notifications with details of:
    • News items
    • Calendar items
    • Messages you've received via XUNO's internal messaging system
    • and XUNO Daily org changes
  • Tapping a notification in the list will do something different depending on what you tap:
    • News items: tapping a notification about a news item will take you through to the individual News Item. Details on what you can do from here can be found in this article.
    • Messages: tapping a message notification takes you to your inbox, displaying the list of conversations. New unread messages are identified by a blue dot.
    • Calendar items: tapping the notification will take you to the details of the item. If you have permission to edit this calendar, you can tap the Edit button in the top right.
    • Daily org changes: tapping the notification will take you to your Timetable, where you can see details of the Daily Organisation changes that affect you.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications are automated messages sent by an application when the application is not open - your device has settings that will determine how the device will behave when a Push Notification is sent by an application such as the XUNO Staff App. You can enable different settings such as

  • Allowing the device to wake the phone and display the push notification when the device is locked, or
  • Allowing the device to only display the push notification if it is unlocked.
  • Allowing the device to show a preview of the notification when the device is locked, or only when it is unlocked.
  • Allowing the device to show the notification in the Notification Centre.
  • Allowing the device to show a badge on the App Icon, to notify the user of how many new notifications have been received - this is usually a red coloured circle with a number in it, sitting on the top right corner of the app icon on your home screen or application list.
  • Allowing the device to make a sound when a new notification is received, when the device is not on silent.

Important things to remember:

  • When you install the XUNO Staff App, you will be prompted to Allow Push Notifications for this app. We recommend allowing push notifications as you will get the best out of the app if you do this.
  • If you disable push notifications, there is no way for the school to know that you aren't being notified of communications.
  • If you disable push notifications, there is no way to enable them from within the app. Please refer to your device manufacturer instructions for advice on how to enable push notifications and to customise the way Push Notifications display and interact with your device.