Minimum XUNO requirements

This article is for technicians at schools using XUNO on premise.

Minimum server specifications (On Premise)

  • Windows 2012 or later x64 Bit (preferably the latest server version)
  • 100 GB SSD space available
  • 10 GB RAM minimum (Allocated)
  • 500 MB for program files
  • 1 GB for MySQL
  • 1 GB per annum for database growth
  • Minimum of 4 Cores CPU (preferably 8+)
  • MySQL version 5.7 (latest version - this is updated frequently, so please check the MySQL downloads section at least once a term)
  • MYSQL "max_allowed_packet" = 512MB
  • PHP version 7.2 (Note: version 7.3 not yet supported)
  • PHP "memory_limit" = 1200 MB
  • Modern day SSL Certificate that supports TLS 1.2, which is properly installed. This site can help you check your certificate rating


IIS: Nested Applications or Virtual Directories are not compatible with Accelerus/XUNO.

Supported browsers

For best experience, we strongly recommend Google Chrome.

Important: Forefront gateways are not compatible with the XUNO suite.

Other requirements

  • URL which is accessible both externally and from within the school network - Need help?
  • Whitelist the URLs listed on this page.


Important: For security reasons it is recommended to install XUNO on separate Web and Database servers.