Kiosk Printers & Consumables

Your Kiosk is compatible with the latest Star TSP 650ii series Bluetooth printer (includes 650ii and 654ii), or the EPSON TM-m30II. There are numerous other brands that can be used, so long as they print on 80mm wide paper and can connect via Bluetooth 3.0

Thermal Paper Rolls

  • Your kiosk printer requires the following standard-sized thermal paper rolls: 80mm wide. EPSON & Star models mentioned above can fit 80mm x 80mm rolls. Other brands may require the same width but a smaller roll. 
  • We request that schools purchase these rolls themselves from their stationary supplier. 
  • You may purchase sticky labels if you prefer the pass to be able to be worn by the visitor without providing a lanyard or badge.
  • Your printer error light will start flashing red if you are low on paper. You will still be able to print until you run out of paper. The error light will stop flashing red and be on steadily if you have run out of paper.
  • If you have leased the printer from us, your Kiosk and printer are usually delivered paired ready-to-use, however, at times you might have to reconnect your Kiosk and printer. Learn how to do this by reading the Kiosk setup article, found here.

Changing the Paper Roll

Refer to the manufacturer's instructions, which you can find by doing a web search for the brand and model number.