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Importing assets into XUNO

XUNO can manage all of your assets - from laptops and computers, to cameras, tables and even the fridge. You can import information about all of your assets using a CSV file.

The import file should be a CSV document with one line per asset. Each line should be in the following format.

assetno, make, model, serialno, purchase_date, warranty_expiry_date, supplier, purchase_amount, current_status
    • Date fields should be in the YYYY-MM-DD format (e.g. 2015-10-08).
    • 'current_status' must be either 'Unassigned' or 'Assigned'.


    123456, Apple, MacBook Pro 2014, ABC123, 2015-01-01, 2017-01-01, Apple, 1200, Unassigned


    How to import your assets from a CSV file

    1. Go to Options > Software Settings > Import & Export Data.
    2. Select Assets from the Import: dropdown list.
    3. Upload the file that contains your assets using the Choose file button.
    4. Select the delimiter using the radio buttons next to Delimiter:.
    5. Click on the Import button.
    6. Once imported, your assets will appear under Administration > Maintenance > Asset Management.