How to use the Kiosk Sign-in/Sign-out Report

This article explains how to see a record of who has signed in or out using the XUNO Kiosk for a given date range.

The Kiosk Sign-in/Sign-out Report can be used to track students, staff and visitors who have signed-in or out using the XUNO Kiosk.

  1. Click on the Administration menu and then click on Kiosk Sign-in/Sign-out under the Reports section.
  2. Choose the date range for which you want the report for from the date filters at the top of the page. 
  3. Use the radio buttons next to students, staff or visitors to select which users are included in your report.
  4. To specify which results you would like to see, you can tick the Sign-in, Sign-out, Show Kiosk & Pass Details and Show Comments check boxes.
  5. Click the Show button to generate your Kiosk Sign-in/Sign-out report.
  6. To print or export this report, click on the corresponding Print or Export to CSV icons at the top of the page.