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How to use relief teacher timesheets

Use the Relief Teacher Timesheet in XUNO to build reports and invoice your relief teachers throughout the year. 

  1. Click on Administration and then click on Relief Teacher Timesheets
  2. The page will display the current week of relief teacher timesheets. To view a different date range, click on the date selector at the top right of the page then select the dates that you would like to see. Then click Update.
  3. Click on the filter box under the 'Filters' heading, to view one or more specific Relief Teacher Timesheets. 
  4. Click on the navigation arrows on the top right of the timesheet to go to the next teachers timesheet.
  5. Click on the Print or Print ALL icons in the top right hand corner of the page to print out the timesheets.

Note: The empty fields on the timesheet are provided for manual entry and processing once the timesheets have been printed out of XUNO.