How to setup the XUNO Purchase Order System for a new year

Complete outstanding orders and purge cancelled orders to start fresh in the new year.

Note: Administrators of the Purchase Order System will receive an email at the beginning of the school year to remind them to complete the steps below.

Part 1: Complete the annual rollover

This step will mark any Approved orders as Completed, and any orders which have not been linked with orders from your accounting system (eg Cases21) as Processed Externally. This step is best performed at the beginning of a new year, however if the year has already begun and orders have been raised, you may still take this step - just ensure you nominate the rollover date as being the end of the previous year, as per the steps below.
  1. Click Configuration
  2. Click Maintenance
  3. Select a date that marks the end of the previous year - this is most often the 31st of December for a calendar year, or 30th of June if working by the financial year.
  4. Click Begin Rollover
  5. You will then see a summary of the impact of the rollover - please read the details and check the date you've selected and ensure you are ready to proceed.
  6. When ready, click Perform Rollover Now.

Part 2: Purge cancelled orders

This step can be taken at any time, and repeatedly throughout the year - you do not need to wait until the new year to clear out cancelled orders. 

This action will remove any cancelled orders that have never been assigned an order number. If an order has been approved in the past but was then cancelled, it has already been assigned an order number and will not be removed in this step in order to preserve accurate historical records.

  1. Click Configuration
  2. Click Purge Cancelled Orders
  3. Make a selection to specify whose cancelled orders you wish to purge. The options are:
    • Mine only - This deletes any order you have raised which has been cancelled
    • All - This deletes all cancelled orders
    • Specific author only - This allows you to specify which staff member whose cancelled orders you'd like to clear out.
      • If using this option, search for the staff member by name or code
  4. Click Save Changes