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How to manage Events, Fees and Payments in XUNO

XUNO Events, Fees & Payments manual

Click here to download the latest copy of the documentation. 

XUNO's Events & Fees functionality is second to none. We've made sure the interface is simple and intuitive, without lacking in flexibility, which we are well known for.

It can:

  • Accept payments for school fees, excursions, camps, and more
  • Collect parent approval / permission electronically
  • Allow you to print paper forms if hard copies are required
  • Extract numerous data reports on information collected via flexible eForms
  • Part payments, instalment plans and direct debits are enabled with ease
  • Voluntary payments are made possible, where parents can opt in, out or nominate the amounts paid
  • Import students and costs in bulk via CSV either from Cases21 or manually created in Excel - this will assist schools greatly with items that can not be invoiced in Cases21

Click here to download the latest copy of the documentation.