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How to import transaction receipts into CASES21

The instructions are based on CASES21 v61. CASES21 is a third party system and may change without notice - if these instructions do not work for you possibly due to an upgrade to CASES21, please let us know.

  1. After downloading the Transactions receipts from XUNO (click here for instructions), save the file onto U:\ or P:\ drive which is accessible to Cases21.
  2. In CASES21, in the left side of the screen, click Financial > Families.
  3. In the centre panel, click Process BPAY Receipts.
  4. In the right side panel, click BPAY bank file import CBA.
  5. Select your Xuno receipts file. The file usually has a filename like bpay_receipts_2022(....).txt.
  6. Follow the prompts to import the file.
  7. Once imported, click Unprocessed BPAY receipts, and continue the process as per Cases21 instructions, to process and allocate the payments to the families.