Getting started with XUNO: New XUNO Administrators - start here!

As you start using XUNO after your initial training session, use the articles linked below to help you set things up for your school and begin making the most out of XUNO!

Who is this article for?

This article is for XUNO Administrators at schools new to XUNO. You will have done your introductory training already, and the information here will help you to consolidate the knowledge you have begun to develop about XUNO. Below is a suggested list of actions and related help articles to assist as you set XUNO up to best suit your school's unique settings and requirements.

If your school has new XUNO Administrators, or you would like a refresher on your XUNO Training, please contact XUNO Support on 1300 067 478 or arrange a training session.

The top ten: Your first steps with XUNO

1. Learn how to manage your user accounts

Managing your user accounts will show you how information is imported into XUNO from your school's SIS (Student Information System), how to enable or disable accounts, managing new users, and more.

Welcome emails from XUNO illustrates what staff, students and parents/carers can expect when you invite them to create a XUNO account at your school.

2. Understand XUNO user groups and permissions

Managing user groups and permissions shows you how to adjust permissions for your school's XUNO user groups, to control how each group can interact with the information stored for your school.

3. Add a wallpaper image to your login screen, and upload your school logo

Customising your XUNO login page talks you through adding a custom wallpaper image, displaying your school logo in XUNO, and more.

4. Display student and staff photos on XUNO dashboards and in the search bar

Importing student and staff photos explains this process.

5. Review and configure your attendance types

Create and configure attendance types will show you how to customise the list of attendance types that staff can select from when marking attendance in XUNO.

6. Explore your XUNO dashboard 

 Getting to know your XUNO staff dashboard details everything you can see when you open your XUNO dashboard, and how to use each feature.

7. Learn how to mark attendance in XUNO

Marking attendance in XUNO as an Administrator shows you how to mark attendance if you are a XUNO Administrator, or have Attendance Admin permission.

Marking attendance in XUNO as a teacher is an article detailing roll marking for teaching staff. If staff would prefer to watch a video on marking attendance, there is a link here.

Managing attendance with the XUNO Staff App is for staff who would like to mark attendance using a tablet or mobile phone using our XUNO Staff app.

8. Communicate with staff, parents/carers and students using XUNO

Sending an email, SMS or internal message details the process for sending messages to other XUNO users.

How to set up and manage email alerts, app alerts and push notifications for parents, staff and students shows you how to trigger an app notification or email notification when new calendar items, news items, internal messages and more are created in XUNO.

9. Manage your school's XUNO calendars

Adding new calendar types and items will assist you in creating and using one or more school calendars that staff and/or students and parents can see in XUNO.

10. Use XUNO to create news items for your school's staff, parents/carers and students

News items in XUNO shows you how to add items to your XUNO newsfeed and control who they are displayed to.

News items in the XUNO Staff app is for staff who would like to create, edit and view XUNO news items in their app.