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Custom Alerts & icons

Introducing the new and improved Custom Alerts & icons. Please watch the video below for an introduction and tutorial on how to manage this new fantastic feature.

Custom Alerts & Icons

XUNO has always allowed schools to create custom alerts for students (e.g. Anaphylaxis, Epipen, Behaviour Plan, Foster Care, etc.), but now you can:

  • Assign a custom icon to each alert.
  • Change the colour of the icon to make it stand out, or give it more meaning.
  • Customise the icons attached to Circumstances (formerly known as CASES Alerts or SIS alerts). These include ATSI, Student at Risk, Integration, CSEF, Wellbeing Support, Youth Allowance, Access Restrictions, Disability.

Alerts and icons are visible on class rolls, class lists, Events/Fees student lists and Scheduled Program student lists.

Check out the video below to see how you can customise your existing alerts or create new ones!