Creating a kiosk pass for returning visitors

You might find that the same Visitors and Contractors visit the school.  In this document we will talk about how to create a Pass for these Returning Visitors, ensuring they don't have to enter their information each time they return to the school.

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Signing in

We will need the visitor to sign in at least once so that XUNO can store their information and associate them with the pass number that will be generated.

  • On the kiosk, tap the home screen to show the options.
  • Tap Visitor.
  • Tap Sign-in.
  • They will need to enter their details, such as Name, Mobile, Company, and who they are visiting.
  • Select either Visitor or Contractor.
  • Tap Next.
  • They may need to enter their Working With Children Check Number if required by the school.
  • Tap Next.
  • Smile for the Camera : )
  • You will receive a printed copy of the pass that the visitor can use indefinitely.

Getting the pass number

Sometimes a paper pass can go missing, or a visitor might return so often you will need to create a plastic pass for them.  Note that the plastic pass is only so they do not have to enter their details again. They will still need to sign out using the printed pass for the current day.
Here we have some info on how to retrieve those pass details in order to create a more permanent one.

  • Log into XUNO as an Administrator.
  • Head over to Administration > Reports >  Kiosk Sign-in/Sign-out.
  • Choose the date the visitor signed in.
  • Tick both Visitor & Contractor to be safe .
  • Tick Show Kiosk & Pass Details.
  • Tap Show.
  • There may be a big list of visitors so, in that case, simply search for the visitor in the list by using the search box.
  • You can see the pass number in the 5th column.

Creating a pass

Now that the visitor has signed in and we have their pass number, we will need to create a pass for them to keep. 

  • Using the pass number you can create a barcode the kiosk can read by following the specifications in this document.

When it comes to barcodes remember, the bigger the better!