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Create and manage Progress Reports in XUNO

Progress Reports are reports you can create in XUNO in which the same student assessment is assessed for all of the subjects across the board.

Creating a Progress Report

  1. Click on the Administration menu, then click on Setup Progress Reports item under the Progress Reports subheading.
  2. Before creating a new progress report, make sure you've set up a template and your marking schemas first. Read the related articles to learn how to set up these items. 
  3. Click on the Add Progress Report button.
  4. Fill out the name field (you can modify the name later if needed).
  5. Pick a start and end date for your progress report. Choose these dates carefully as you will not be able to edit them once you've saved your report.
  6. Choose a Reporting Template from the drop down list. Each reporting template manages your columns, once you've picked your template you won't be able to change it.
  7. Use the radio buttons to choose if you want to lock your progress report so that teachers can't edit it, and if it should be published to the parents and students or not.
  8. Choose which year levels that progress report is applicable to. When you click on the Save button, the software will look at all classes matching the selected year levels between the start and end dates, and import them into your progress report.
  9. Click on the Save button to create your progress report.

To maintain data integrity, some fields can't be modified after you create the progress report. These include the start and end dates, as well as the reporting template, and year level selection.

Teachers can only modify progress reports for their own classes. If a class is taught by more than one teacher, both teachers can modify the results of the same class. Users with reporting administration permissions can modify the results of any progress report.

Progress report options

You can change some progress report options after creating a progress report. You can do this by clicking on the corresponding edit icon on the Administration > Progress Reports > Setup Progress Reports page.

  • Report Settings - change the name of the report, locked and published status, as well as updating any attendance rate.  
  • Print Options - choose which options you'll like displayed on a hard-copy printed report. These options apply equally to reports you choose to manually print, and if a parent or student clicks on the Print button in their XUNO Portal.
  • Excluded Classes - exclude a class by clicking on the Exclude button. Excluding a class will remove all results from the students enrolled in the class and remove the class for each of those student's progress reports.

Locked: Once a progress report is locked, it can not be edited by a teacher. Only users with reporting administration permission can temporarily unlock and modify results.

Published: You can publish and un-publish a report as many times as required. Publishing a report will make it visible to parents and students in their Portal.

Update Attendance: Attendance marking schema columns can not be manually adjusted. The attendance rate is automatically added to the progress report when it is created, it is not updated live. You can update all attendance rates by result by editing the corresponding Progress Report, and clicking on the 'Update Attendance' button.