Connecting to your LDAP server

XUNO integrates live with your Active Directory, Apple LDAP and Open LDAP server to provide you with a flexible method for user authentication. We highly recommend that you use the LDAP-based authentication method for its advantages when managing users and assigning permissions.

  1. Login to your XUNO Suite as an administrator.
  2. Click on the Options menu then click on the LDAP Settings menu item. Use the examples provided below as a guide when entering your data.
  3. Enter the Domain Name, Fully Qualified Domain Name, or IP address of your LDAP server into the LDAP Server field.
  4. Leave the LDAP Port setting set to 389.
  5. Enter an existing username and password into the LDAP username and LDAP password fields. We recommend that the format of the username is <username>@<yourdomain>.
  6. Enter your Base DN (Distinguished Name) of your LDAP domain. The Base DN setting limits the search for user accounts to an entire domain or a particular OU or CN. We strongly recommend that you set this to your root Base DN to search your entire directory. The Base DN value is your FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) separated into its parts by commas, with each part starting with DC= (eg. becomes DC=sthmelbourne, DC=college, DC=vic, DC=edu, DC=au).
  7. Click Save to save your settings.