Completing a progress report (for teachers)

This article explains how to fill in a XUNO Progress Report.

You can fill out your progress report using a computer, tablet or phone. 
  1. Click on the Learning menu, then click on the Progress Reports item.
  2. Choose a progress report from the left hand menu. Only the current year's progress reports are shown by default. Click on the date picker in the top right of the breadcrumb bar to change the calendar year.
  3. Your list of classes will be shown in the left side menu. Classes with a yellow dot next to them have not been completed. Classes with a green dot have been completed.
  4. Click on a class to edit the progress report.
  5. Click on the filter icon in the top left of the breadcrumb menu to expand the screen and show more columns. The filter icon will hide and show the left side menu.
  6. Fill out your progress report using the columns and options provided. Your reporting administrator may have added comment columns - click on the cell that corresponds to the student and type your comment in the popup modal that appears.
  7. Some Attendance Rate column can not be modified. These results are automatically imported when the progress report is created. To update the attendance rate please see your report.

Locked: Progress reports that have been locked by your reporting administrator will show a blue "locked" message and can not be edited.

Team Teaching: If you are team teaching a class (with more than one teacher), both of you have access to edit the same progress reports of the class. Any changes one of you make will affect the student's result for that class. There is only one report for each class.