Version 8.4 release notes

Important: Please read these release notes carefully before updating.

How to update
Due to some of the major changes that v8.4 has we have decided to contact each school individually to perform the upgrade in conjunction with your technician. If you would like to upgrade now please contact our support team on 1300 067 478 or click on the Contact link in the top right corner.

Important update information
This version makes changes to your timetable import and there is now a new import procedure. Please read the How to import your timetable article referenced below before importing a new timetable.

Please check that your timetable start and timetable end dates are set correctly before you update. Failure to do so will cause the data to be imported incorrectly and may result in a loss of attendance data. Check by clicking on the Options menu > Attendance and Timetable.

Please make sure that you backup your MySQL database before running this update.


Release Notes for v8.4:

  • New complete Daily Organisation functionality added to schools using the XUNO Attendance and Roll-marking features. Go to: Administration > Daily Organisation
  • Daily Organisation: fully featured, including absences, class cancellations, room changes, extras, in-lieu, under allotment and more
  • Daily Organisation: import yard duties or assign new yard duties without a timetabled yard duty imported in XUNO
  • Daily Organisation: new industry leading “Pending” feature allowing you to make changes well in advance without affecting the live timetable, roll-back changes or apply the changes when you are ready
  • Daily Organisation: automatic email and/or alerts to teachers and students when daily organisation changes occur (e.g. room changes, extras, cancellations, etc.)
  • Daily Organisation: all changes are reflected throughout the software, including teachers receiving extra rolls, unmarked classes, markbook, portal, etc.
  • Daily Organisation: summary report of daily changes in the Administration menu and in the dashboard alerts
  • Daily Organisation: intuitive alerts appear on the dashboard if daily organisation needs any attention
  • Daily Organisation: easy colour-coded alerts on the Daily Organisation page to quickly identify items requiring attention, changes, cancellations, etc.
  • New room-swap feature allowing staff to request room swaps without involving the Daily Org. A pending room request must be approved by the other party before the room is swapped. This can done from the Resource Bookings page and Staff > Timetable page.
  • New Asset Management feature – under Administration > Asset Management. Add and manage the maintenance and assigning of your assets including laptops, computers, furniture, etc.
  • New Dashboard feature allowing you to reposition each dashboard widget as required. Drag the top right double-square icon and drop the widget where you would like it to appear
  • New Room Timetables feature to view timetabled based on room, under School > Room Timetables.
  • New Coordinator feature – students can be assigned one or more co-ordinators from the new Administration > Students report
  • New feature – Parent Teacher Interviews can be booked with co-ordinators of a student
  • New attendance feature – you now do not have to setup attendance anymore. It is automatically setup when the timetable is imported
  • There is now a new menu item Administration > Manage Attendance and Timetable to manage timetable and attendance changes. Use this method to reset attendance to “unmarked” or to delete timetabled dates
  • Changes to the student and staff timetables in XUNO and the Portal – the full timetable now appears with all weekly daily organisation and room swap changes.
  • “Local” built-in (non-LDAP/AD) user accounts have been disabled in XUNO and can no longer be used as of this version. This feature has be disabled so that we can re-add it again in a future release by expanding it to include staff, students and parents.
  • We have made major changes to how your roll-marking and timetable data is imported and stored in XUNO. This has been changed to a date-based storage method for better data retention and overall speed improvements. Updating to version 8.4 will change your current records to the new structure without loosing any data. This update process occurs during the installation and can take up to 8 minutes to complete.
  • Timetables are now imported from CASES, CHESS, EdVal, First Class or Timetabler using a two-step semi-automated process. The timetable is now automatically imported into a staged area, and when you are ready you must then complete the import in XUNO. This ensures that we import all timetabling data correctly. Please read the updated timetable import process article below.
  • The timetable import and database changes now mean we correctly support team-teaching, yard duties, composite classes, etc.
  • IMPORTANT TIMETABLE IMPORT CHANGES – During the import process XUNO will combine classes with the same class code and different teachers into one class as it recognises this class as a team-teaching class. For example: ENGY07A taught by AM and ENGY07A taught by JA, will be combined into one team-taught class ENGY07A-AMJA. If you do not want this to occur and each class should remain separate, then you must either use a unique class code for each class, or add a unique suffix to each class in your timetabling software. CASES timetabling does not support the unique suffix option. You must add these suffixes before you update to version 8.4.
  • IMPORTANT ATTENDANCE IMPORT CHANGES – Attendance imported as AM/PM from CASES or CHESS will no longer match to a Period-by-Period timetable in XUNO. Your AM/PM or Period-by-Period type must match on both the export and imported timetable in XUNO. This isn’t a bug but has been removed to accurately display the attendance data.
  • IMPORTANT – Updating to version 8.4 requires that your MySQL database and XUNO software are installed on the same server. If you are unsure then please contact our support team on 1300 067 478 for more information
  • IMPORTANT – Before updating, check that your timetable start and timetable end date are correct. You can do so by clicking on the Options menu > Attendance and Timetable
  • IMPORTANT – You MUST BACKUP your database before installing this update
  • Bug fixes

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