Version 8.5 release notes

Important: Please read these release notes carefully before updating.

Is your current version below 8.4?
If you aren’t already using the 8.4 version then you will need to update to version 8.4 first. This is because version 8.4 has a number of timetable and attendance enhancements. Please read the version 8.4 release notes below and then contact our support team to perform the upgrade.


Release Notes for v8.5 (build 1361):

  • The Room Timetables page now shows when multiple classes are booked into a room at once.
  • Improvements to the Portal internal messaging feature.


Release Notes for v8.5 (build 1360):

  • Bulk Mark Attendance - You can now bulk mark attendance for just one class or the students in a class for the selected periods. 


Release Notes for v8.5 (build 1359):

  • New attendance report - Detailed Student Attendance. This report gives a detailed view of student attendance records for the whole school. The report includes the class and subject of the records as well as the attendance mark, treat-as mark and the export code.
    This report is only available to schools marking attendance in XUNO.


Release Notes for v8.5 (build 1358):

  • EdVal and Timetabler imports now import classes based on load priority.
  • Daily Org > 'Apply changes' reworded to 'Publish changes'.
  • Staff absences can now be added in the past.
  • Kiosk Visitors - Staff list has been adjusted to be in the format SURNAME First name.
  • Room timetables page now shows daily org changes.
  • General improvements to attendance and daily org features.
  • General stability and performance improvements to the XUNO Suite and Portal.


Release Notes for v8.5 (build 1357):

  • Performance improvements made to the Parent and Student Portal.


Release Notes for v8.5 (build 1356):

  • Incidents can now be renamed through the lists and options -> Incidents page.
  • Yard duties are now imported from Edval.
  • The "Mark unmarked only" checkbox on the Admin->Mark Attendance page is now ticked by default.
  • If not using XUNO attendance, students can now always sign out from a kiosk.
  • General stability improvements and minor features to the merge students page, resource booking page, docx uploading/downloading and suspension proforma printing.
  • General stability improvements to the timetable import process in the handling of composite classes.  
  • General stability improvements to the Parent and Student Portal.


Release Notes for v8.5 (build 1355):

  • Users can now delete students from Student Maintenance page
  • You can now link timetable periods to AM or PM to display imported AM/PM data.
  • Staff can now delete uploaded work from the Markbook.
  • Added setting to control how attendance rate is calculated. This setting is found in Options > Attendance and Timetable.
  • Staff and Student Maintenance pages now show previous and inactive records.
  • Removed the unnecessary setting 'Match staffcode to XUNO field' from Attendance and Timetable settings.
  • General stability improvements to data import processes.
  • General stability improvements and minor features to Attendance Marking and Daily Organisation features
  • General stability improvements to email and SMS communication.


Release Notes for v8.5 (build 1354):

  • Added ability to clear data on many import options.
  • Fixed issue causing automatic import to stop under certain conditions.
  • General stability improvements and minor features.


Release Notes for v8.5 (build 1353):

  • Addition of two new pages - Staff and Student Maintenance. You can now merge the data from multiple staff or student profiles together.
    Once you have installed the update you can find these features by clicking on the Administration menu > Student Maintenance, and the Administration menu > Staff Maintenance.
  • Staff dashboard widget now shows colour coded tags for extra, cancelled and unallocated classes.
  • Staff timetable - Staff can now request room swaps for bookings made from Book Rooms & Resources page.
  • Staff attendance marking page - Mark proceeding periods checkbox now ticked by default.
  • General stability improvements and minor features.


Release Notes for v8.5 (build 1351):

  • New class changes feature - From Staff > Classes page and School > Class Lists and Changes users can see a report of any class changes affecting students within the selected class.
  • Student drop-down lists now include the student's student code.
  • News items now show which staff member created each item.
  • Two settings in General Settings now control whether parents and students can email their teachers from the Parent and Student Portal.
  • General stability improvements to the Parent and Student Portal.
  • General stability improvements and minor features to the timetable import process.
  • General display issue features and improvements.


Release Notes for v8.5 (build 1350):

  • Fixed issue causing attendance data to not be displayed in some parts of the software when using A+ attendance
  • Increased speed of XUNO Portal
  • Adjusted Portal to show next available timetable when no current timetable is found
  • Fixed issue causing the automatic import to fail in certain circumstances
  • Fixed issue showing unnecessary conflict messages when creating XUNO basic timetable
  • Fixed error which was sometimes appearing when modifying pulse settings
  • Fixed issue where early leave passes were not recording attendance
  • Fixed issue causing inactive staff to appear on Daily Organisation page
  • Fixed issue causing class list not to print when no teacher was assigned


Release Notes for v8.5 (build 1349):

  • Created step-by-step process for creating a basic XUNO timetable
  • Added the ability to create yard duties from within daily organisation page
  • Fixed issue causing some staff timetables to display incorrectly when the timetable started mid-way through the week
  • Added column to daily organisation report replacements to show the type of replacement e.g. Extra, Not-counted, etc.
  • Fixed issue on Manage Attendance & Timetable page stopping attendance records from being reset to unmarked
  • Fixed issue causing SQL error on scheduled attendance page
  • Removed unnecessary setting - 'Import classes that don't contain students’ from the Timetable & Attendance settings page
  • Fixed issue in the Find a Room, Student or Teacher page causing an error when a staff member did not have a timetable
  • Fixed a VELS calculation issue when averaging scores including F (Foundation)
  • Optimised loading time on staff mentor group settings page
  • Added filter to students report for XUNO alerts
  • Improved the accuracy of class lists report
  • Added feature to Staff Timetable Room Swaps frame to quickly see available rooms
  • Markbook fill down button now functions correctly
  • Fixed issue with Late Arrivals page causing PDF pass to be rendered incorrectly
  • Removed SQL error from Parent Teacher Interviews report
  • Caused unmarked classes to only track records from the current year
  • Added Achievement Type column to student achievement page
  • Fixed issue causing some staff member names to appear incorrectly on daily organisation page
  • The bulk mark attendance page now only shows classes within the current date range
  • Added the ability to delete rooms from XUNO. Delete rooms from Lists & Options > Rooms
  • Fixed issue in Daily Organisation Summary report causing staff absences to only be shown for today
  • Fixed issue with the timetable import when period names contained special characters
  • Added class code and identifier to Bulk Mark Attendance class lists
  • Fixed issue in Parent Teacher Interviews report causing incorrect booking counts to be displayed
  • Fixed issue with the auto expand comments box of the attendance marking pages
  • Fixed issues showing staff date of birth on staff preferences page
  • Fixed timetable import error when not importing yard duties
  • Fixed issue causing staff photos to overflow when printing the staff report
  • Fixed issue with cell not turning blue when reassigning class back to the original staff member
  • Added the option to set a staff member as zero max extras
  • Fixed filtering issue in class lists when navigating from staff home page
  • Fixed issue where some secondary class teachers were not being imported
  • Fixed issue which occurred when there was a space in the school campus name
  • Added PT Interview Class Settings page to exclude classes from Parent Teacher Interviews
  • Minor timetable setting display fixes


Release Notes for v8.5 (build 1345):

  • Updated Timechart import process to correctly display period and day names on timetable
  • Fixed staff link URL error
  • Updated Administration > Attendance Other report filtering options including fix for attendance percentage filter.
  • Updated Medical export to CSV and removed ellipsis in export.
  • Updated Attendance reports fix bug where periods where ordered alphabetically and not by position.
  • Added ability to delete unused and non-timetabled periods in Administration > Timetable > Periods.


Release Notes for v8.5 (build 1344):

  • Major new feature: the XUNO Kiosk and XUNO Kiosk Mini have been released with this update. To find out more please contact us on 1300 067 478.
  • New login audit report for staff, parent and student logins and statistics, under Administration > Reports > Login Audit.
  • Medical reports have been updated and the ellipsis (…) have been removed.
  • Updated the import of timetables from Timetabler
  • Fixed a number of bugs including error message that appeared if SMS recipient had no valid mobile number.

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