Kiosk – Star TSP 650 printer and consumables

Your Kiosk comes complete with the latest Star TSP 650ii Bluetooth printer.

  • Your Star TSP 650ii printer requires the following standard-sized thermal paper rolls: 80mm wide x 80mm. We request that schools purchase these rolls themselves from their stationary supplier.
  • Your Star TSP 650ii error light will start flashing red if you are low on paper. You will still be able to print until you run out of paper. The error light will stop flashing red and be on steadily if you have run out of paper.
  • The Star TSP 650ii power light at the front of the printer will light up green if the printer is on and ready to use
  • Your Kiosk and printer come paired ready-to-use, however, at times you might have to reconnect your Kiosk and printer. Learn how to do this by reading the Kiosk and Kiosk Mini setup articles.


Changing the Paper Roll

  1. Ensure you have purchased the correct standard-size 80mm x 80mm thermal receipt paper rolls
  2. If you are using the full-size Kiosk you will need to unlock the printer enclosure
  3. Open the printer paper compartment by pressing the button in the direction on the printed arrow. The button is located along the right side of the top of the printer and has an arrow on it.
  4. Take out the old paper roll and recycle it
  5. Reel off approximately 5cm of paper from the new paper roll and place the roll into the printer with the reeled off paper facing forward, towards the front of the printer. The excess you reeled off should protrude out of the paper compartment and paper cover slot.
  6. Close the paper compartment. If inserted correctly the printer will spool a couple of centimetres of paper and then cut it. The error light will flash if the paper has not been inserted correctly.


Printing the Configuration

Your printer can print a configuration paper to assist your technician or us if a problem occurs.

  1. Turn the printer off using the switch located on the left side. If your printer is inside of the full-size Kiosk printer enclosure you might have to turn the printer off at the power point and ask someone to help you.
  2. Press and hold the “FEED” button located at the front of the printer next to the power and error lights.
  3. Turn on the power to the printer, and after 2 secs release the “FEED” button.
  4. Your printer will print two sections of paper – the first is the general configuration setting, the second is the Bluetooth settings and status.

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