Importing your timetable from EdVal

Two-Step Staged Import Process
EdVal uses a little-used LISS semi-manual sync process which requires you to push your timetable from EdVal into XUNO. Once the timetable has been pushed, it is staged in XUNO ready to be imported. You must then complete the import by following the standard XUNO timetable import instructions.

Setting up the EdVal Export

Ensure you have selected the “Edval” option in your XUNO Attendance and Timetable settings.

Setup your EdVal to XUNO link – you will only need to complete this step once: 

  1. Click on the EdVal File menu, then choose Sync with System and Configuration
  2. Enter the XUNO URL: http://xuno/import/, if required replace “xuno” with the domain name of your XUNO webserver (you may have to ask your technician for these details). 
  3. Enter the username and password of an active XUNO account with full admin permissions.
  4. Click OK.

Use the EdVal timetabling package to stage your timetable import by “pushing” it into XUNO. 

  1. In EdVal click on the File menu, then choose Sync with System and Sync Now
  2. Click the OK button when ready. 

Refer to your EdVal manual for more information about this feature.

Importing your Timetable

When you run the EdVal Sync Now option, your timetable will be imported into XUNO as a "staged" timetable - in other words, you will have a pending timetable import into XUNO. Follow the steps in the 'How to import your timetable' to complete your import.

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