Kiosk: Visitor Sign Out without a Printed Pass

Your visitors may not have a printed pass from your kiosk - perhaps they have misplaced it, or perhaps your school operates the kiosk without a printer.

Either way, it is now possible to sign out by typing and searching for your details. 

Kiosk Visitors: How to sign out of the XUNO Kiosk without a QR Code on a printed pass.

  • Tap into the search and start typing your details.
    • You may use you name, mobile number, company name or pass details if you have them. 
    • Your name will only come up as a result if you have already signed in for the day as a visitor.
  • Once you see your name appear, verify the details to ensure this is the correct entry.
  • Tap your name and then tap Next
  • You are now signed out.

Here is a quick video to show you the process.

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