What's new in version 12?

Who needs to upgrade to XUNO 12?

All schools will be required to move to XUNO version 12 as version 11 will no longer be supported. All future bug fixes and new features will be available to schools on version 12.

What is different about XUNO 12?

For schools who are already using XUNO payments, you may need a training session just to familiarise yourself with some of the new features as the receipting process is massively improved, as is the ability to manage family arrangements.

Below is a brief summary of major changes and new features that we are pleased to announce. You can also read the release notes here for a more detailed look at what's changed, as well as articles for many of the new features - just look for any 12.1 and 12.0 builds on the page.

Summary of features in version 12:
  • Instalment plans for events and fees
  • Direct debits for events and fees
  • Split family payments and other flexible arrangements (including your request to be able to allow both families the same access to events/payments)
  • Parents can specify amounts for voluntary payments, above or below the suggested amounts
  • Import invoices from Cases21 to speed up school fees, camps and excursion processes
  • Ability to show total breakdown of payment invoices not just one total amount for an event or fee (meaning parents can see the breakdown on the portal too)
  • Export receipts from XUNO to import directly into XUNO, saving your and your business manager heaps of time during the receipting process
  • Allow or deny both families of a student the same access to events, payments, approvals and forms
  • Students can fill out forms
  • New widget for parents on the dashboard showing them upcoming payments due and instalment plan details
  • Customisable login page, including wallpaper and positioning of the login box
  • Send an SMS to parents containing a hyperlink for parents to use to approve absences without having to login
  • Stop XUNO from combining composite classes or classes taught by the same teacher in the same period 
Changes to the way payments works for parents:
The one thing that changes from the version 11 payments functionality is that parents are no longer able to nominate the amount they are paying for individual events or fees unless they are voluntary payments. We believe the ability for parents to select from a list of instalment plans should suffice to replace this functionality. We changed the old process in order to make room for much more sophisticated (and complicated!) features such as direct debits, refunds and split family payment arrangements.

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