How to check if Attendance has been imported into Cases21

Attendance is synchronised with EduHub once daily - but only if the school has correctly set up the lastest version of the EduHub sync. For full instructions,

This means that XUNO (and any other websites hosted on the same server) will be unavailable for a period of time while you complete the update. Please make sure that you backup your PHP folder before you begin by following the steps below.

There is only one section in Cases that you can go to in order to check whether attendance has been imported. All other reports, which your school may have used Cases21 to run before you started using XUNO Attendance, can be obtained by running Attendance reports via XUNO.

Cases21: CXABCON11002 - Imported ERM Half Day attendance data

  1. Log into your CASES21
  2. Click Attendance > Import/Export Data > Imported data from ERM systems > Half day attendance by date 
  3. Run this report, and look at the latest dates that absences have been imported for.

If the data is not there, please phone support and we can direct you to the next step.

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