How to use the Markbook widget

The use of the Markbook can create a number of additional alerts for staff members. Therefore, the Markbook widget allows staff to separate these alerts from the rest of the alerts in their pulse.

Activating the Markbook widget

The choice to show or hide the Markbook widget is made by the individual teacher.

To Activate the Markbook Wdiget

  1. Click on your staff Dashboard
  2. Click on the Manage Widget icon 

  3. Tick on or off Markbook as required

  4. Select Update Dashboard

The Markbook widget

Number Description of area
1 Reposition this widget
Hover over the icon until a hand icon appears. Click and drag the widget to preferred spot
2 Minimise widget
Click the icon to minimise / maximise the widget
3 Task Description
Click on the task for more information
4 Due date
5 Acknowledge icons
Ticking the items acknowledges the alert and hides it from the list

When do alerts show?

Items show in the widget in the following situations:
  • On the day a Markbook item is due, the alert starts showing on the staff member's Alert's section. It will never show before the item is due.
  • The items don't have to be published to portal in order for the alert to show
  • The alert shows for the number of days after the due date based on the setting under Options > General settings called Classwork and homework in Portal
    Eg If the setting is 2 weeks, and due date is April 2, the alert appears in the widget until April 16.
  • The alert shows until the staff member clicks the acknowledge 'tick' icon on the alert. The alert will not show again

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