How to import student reports for a hosted school

XUNO supports all types of reports - annual, semester-based, progress and more. Reports can be stored in any electronic format (e.g. docx and PDF), however, we recommend that they are stored in Adobe PDF format to prevent anyone from changing the files.

  • All reports are stored in the cloud.
  • The report files must be stored within each of the folders that match the type of report. The report files do not require a specific naming format, but the filename must contain the student code.
  1. In Xuno select Options > Import/Export Data
  2. Click the Upload Reports button
  3. Select the Year you wish the reports to belong to
  4. Click Create report if uploading a new report (eg this is the first time you are uploading Semester 1 reports).
  5. If clicking Create report, type the name of the Report eg Semester 1 2019. Press Enter
  6. Select the new report run
  7. Click Upload Files
  8. Select the reports you wish to upload.
  9. Click OK
  10. Check for any warning messages
  11. Reports will now be available under the student record.

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