Partial payments now available

XUNO Payments gets an exciting change...

In the next build of XUNO, parents can nominate the amount they will pay right from the Payment Portal. This means that parents can now manage their own payment plans without you having to set them up individually. You are still able to set the date at which the total must be paid in full, however parents can now easily complete these payments at their own pace.

In the Portal: How to nominate the amount to be paid

These instructions apply to parents/guardians logging into the portal.

  1. Go to the Payments portal
  2. Click the text that says "Pay another amount"
  3. Enter the nominated amount in the Amount to Pay column, ensuring the amount is next to the item you wish the amount to be paid for. You may do this for one or multiple items if you wish.
  4. Click Pay selected items, and proceed through the standard checkout process.

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