Add a news item

XUNO can be used to post school news to staff, students and parents. You can attach files and links to these items which can be downloaded by the user.

  1. Click on the XUNO menu to go to your dashboard.
  2. In the News widget, click on the + (plus) button.
  3. Enter a Title and Comments.
  4. Choose the Start date and End date of the news item.
  5. Attach any files you would like to add using the Attach a File button.
  6. Select which users you would like to show the news item to.
  7. Click the Save button.


Did you know?
XUNO can also automatically send an email alert to the relevant users attached to the news item. For instructions on how to enable or disable email alerts, read the article: How to setup and manage email alerts for parents, staff and students.

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