Release Notes

Release Notes for v11.2 (build 1579)

WARNING: Prior to installing this build, some pre-requisites must be installed. Click here for instructions.

  • New features
    • Graphing capability in Incidents. Support for SWPBS but may be used for other purposes. Click here for instructions.
    • Ability to assign rooms to XUNO basic timetables. Click here for instructions.
    • USI number imports from CASES21 via Eduhub version 2
    • Ability to add attachments to Incidents
    • Ability to add attachments to Markbook Feedback
    • Ability to delete unused report folders. Click here for instructions.
    • Update to User Interface
    • Ability to contact XUNO support within the school website. Click here for instructions.
    • Ability to view attachments in Events as a parent.
  • Minor Improvements
    • Preparation for new Staff App
    • Ability for parents to make payments if an extension has been given
    • Improvements to usability on iPad
    • Improvements to Daily Org alerts
    • Improvements to required fields on incident forms
    • Ability to delete usergroups containing inactive users
    • Updates to format of printed timetables so that student and teacher timetables are consistent
    • Templates have enhanced handling of hyphenated names
    • Improved handling of assigned staff information in Student Absence letters
    • Improvements to the display of chronological data in Student Absence Letters
    • Staff Absences allows Relief Teachers to be selected

Release Notes for v11.1 (build 1578)

  • New feature
    • Attachments are included in notification emails such as news and internal message notifications
    • Kiosk allows Students and Teachers to be searched by name as well as code
    • Kiosk displays a photo of the person selected
    • Staff Absences may be added for CRT and manually created teachers

Release Notes for v11.1 (build 1577)

  • New feature
    • Schools can now import NAPLAN results from the new NAPLAN Data Service export format
    • First Class schools can now import timetables into hosted versions of XUNO
  • Minor improvements
    • Career plans and Incidents wrap text where long text fields are used
    • Improved interface for My Notifications widget

Release Notes for v11.1 (build 1576)

  • Minor improvements
    • Speed improvements when opening the Staff Daily classes
    • Speed improvements when sending emails to all parents
    • Lesson plans and Incidents are displayed in reverse chronological order to make it quicker to find the most recent lesson plan or incident
    • Staff members with long staff codes may create calendar items

Release Notes for v11.1 (build 1575)

  • New feature
    • New menu added to show administrators when data was last imported from EduHub. See Options > Troubleshoot
  • Minor improvements
    • Improvement to SMS messages where Sent Items now displays multiple rows of text where required
    • Timetable widget updated to show appropriate absence information for future dates

Release Notes for v11.1 (build 1574)

  • Minor improvements
    • Updated the ability to select specific groups when adding or modifying a calendar item
    • Added ability to delete timetables for previous and future dates
    • Improvement to warning messages when sending emails and no recipient is selected
    • Progress reports always display the student name in capital letters

Release Notes for v11.1 (build 1573)

  • Minor improvements
    • Strengthening for timetable import process
    • Typographical correction in calendar items selection screen
    • Visual enhancement of academic cycle screen in XUNO GPS

Release Notes for v11.1 (build 1572)

  • New feature
    • Teachers using the Notification app may now send internal messages via the app. 
  • Minor improvements
    • The ability to bulk mark attendance for one student has been improved
    • Text correction when adding a new calendar item (the word "Form" has been reinstated)

Release Notes for v11.1 (build 1571)

  • Minor improvements
    • Upgrade to improve pdf attachment handling for some android phones. Note: Android users must have a pdf reader installed on their phone for this upgrade to be operable
    • Minor name changes to the Dashboard widget headings (removing the pronoun "my")

Release Notes for v11.1 (build 1570)

  • Minor improvements
    • Faulty staff email addresses causing downstream email resending issues has been preempted.
    • Bulk marking attendance made more robust

Release Notes for v11.1 (build 1569):

  • New features
    • Teachers may choose which widgets they display on their dashboard. Simply click the cog and tick widgets on/off.
  • Minor improvements
    • An issue where staff names were not appearing in all windows (where the staff member didn't have a preferred name) has been fixed
    • An issue where multiple newsletters where being sent out has been resolved

Release Notes for v11.1 (build 1568):

  • New features
    • Schools marking AM/PM attendance may create an Absence letter to send to parents. This letter requests an explanation for unexplained absences. Click here for instructions
    • Teachers may create their own messaging groups. Used for teachers who manage groups such as SRC, Sport, Music or Clubs. Click here for instructions
    • Administrators can copy the permissions for a current user group into a new user group
    • Staff can search for specific Events using the new search box on the Events page
    • Staff may create Events by copying an existing event, choosing whether or not to include the students and staff from the previous event
    • Timetables may be imported for all or specific students
    • Student Notes may be sorted in chronological and reverse chronological order
    • Administrators may anchor the header row and left column of the attendance reasons page, to make for easier scrolling
    • Staff may type the first letter of a student's name when searching for a student in Send a Message or Bulk Send Message, to be taken directly to the relevant section of the alphabet
  • Minor improvements
    • Text alignment on the Incidents page has been fixed
    • An issue with some users receiving an error message when resetting their password has now been resolved
    • Calendar Alerts now appear in the Weekly email alert if the Calendar Alerts are activated
    • Group Messages now show all group members in the header
    • Staff may now print multiple learning plans at once
    • Student Profile now displays the test type when displaying On Demand, NAPLAN or Victorian Curriculum data

Release Notes for v11.0 (build 1567):

  • Minor improvements
    • Eduhub import issue resolved for empty student code scenario
    • Parent Teacher Interview Report SQL error resolved
    • Viewing Accelerus menus in XUNO GPS has been corrected for schools using IE and Microsoft Azure

Release Notes for v11.0 (build 1566):

  • Minor enhancements to the XUNO GPS import to Accelerus process

Release Notes for v11.0 (build 1565):

  • Eduhub expanded to make explicit use of the Refugee Background field in CASES21
  • Eduhub Writeback update to present medical information in the same manner as Eduhub version 1
  • Update to styling in Goals Management

Release Notes for v11.0 (build 1564):

  • Fix for Eduhub issue to import all students who may have a non-ascii character in their student code
  • Ability to exclude non-ascii characters
  • Update Xuno - Accelerus link to include provision for the Accelerus URL

Release Notes for v11.0 (build 1563):

  • Fix for Eduhub issue where students with non-standard characters in name prevent the Sync from running

Release Notes for v11.0 (build 1562):

  • Release of XUNO GPS to allow for transfer of data between XUNO and Accelerus
  • Accelerus menus available within XUNO website
  • Click here for download and instructions

Release Notes for v10.6 (build 1561):

  • Patched an issue causing tables to not display text properly
  • We've made a change to the Parent/Student app: new internal messages will now appear in the list of notifications

Release Notes for v10.6 (build 1560):

  • A hotfix for the new desktop widgets to improve functionality

Release Notes for v10.6 (build 1559):
A big release including two neat features we think you'll love!

  • On the Staff Dashboard, we’ve created two new dashboard widgets: My Timetable and My Calendar. This separates the day’s classes from the day’s calendar events, making it easier for staff to see what’s on for them and what's on for the school
  • Eduhub Writeback is now available for all schools! This means that administrators will no longer have to import attendance manually to CASES each week. We have contacted Eduhub on behalf of all schools to enable this for you. More info here. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions on 1300067478.
  • We've also made it a bit easier for parents to see when a payment is overdue. Administrators can now adjust how long overdue payments will appear in the Portal
  • We’ve made improvements to the way Attachments are removed on the Send A Message page
  • We've increased the max upload size significantly. It is still recommended that you minimize photo upload size as much as possible
  • Replacing DOCX templates has been tweaked to work better
  • Many more updates and improvements to XUNO and the Portal

Release Notes for v10.5 (build 1558):

  • Improvements to Daily Organisation when we are working with a two week timetable cycle
  • Performance updates to XUNO and the Portal

Release Notes for v10.5 (build 1557):

  • A quick fix to resolve issues printing some Learning Plans
  • General Stability updates and improvements to the Portal 

Release Notes for v10.5 (build 1556):

  • Support for new calendar view in mobile app
  • Security improvements
  • Small events payment issue resolved
  • UI enhancements to dailyorg, markbook, tooltips and several other screens

Release Notes for v10.4 (build 1555):

Please be sure you have updated to at least version 10.3.1553 (found here) BEFORE updating to Version 10.4.1555
See release notes for 10.4.1554 before proceeding.

  • Patch to fix a missing menu in some browsers in the parent portal
  • Enhanced the user interface when making payments via smartphone, tablet or other small device

Release Notes for v10.4 (build 1554):

Please be sure you have updated to Version 10.3.1553 (found here) BEFORE updating to Version 10.4.1554.
Version 10.4.1554 is a significant update, so it is prudent to ensure that you can restore back to the most recent previous version if necessary.

  • We have made some significant compatibility adjustments, in preparation for the new and upgraded Mobile App XUNO 2.0.1
  • We've applied some fixes to a few small issues including - sending SMS, viewing Payments in the Portal, Overdue work Pulse notifications
  • We've made it easier to approve Events in the Portal on mobile devices

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1553):

  • Patch to fix an issue sending Incident Alerts

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1552):

  • Patch to fix an issue when creating Incidents where an SQL error was given when saving the Incidents.

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1551):

Messaging improvements. From now on you will also be able to message:

  • Future students and their parents
  • Multiple selected students
  • Parents of multiple selected students
  • Teachers of multiple selected students
  • Coordinators of multiple selected students
  • Multiple selected teachers
  • Multiple selected CRTs


  • We have made a few changes to the way we sync with Edval to ensure Study periods come across
  • We fixed a small issue causing some part time teachers that worked for schools with a two week timetable cycle to be unavailable
  • We fixed an issue causing Welfare notes to overflow out of the text box when they were being printed
  • We adjusted the way Parent Teacher Interview times and dates are represented in the Portal
  • We heard that some users were not able to download the Parent Teacher Interview map. That has been resolved.

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1550):

  • A quick fix to an issue preventing users from deleting timetable data 

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1549):

  • We were busy improving the Portal and finalising connections with the new App (launching in the next couple of weeks) 
  • When students and parents look at their contact details, they will now see the students' details as well
  • Fixed an issue when printing Parent Teacher Interviews in the Portal - XUNO now prints the correct date
  • Viewing Markbook items as a staff member while on the student profile has been improved.

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1548):

  • We added an alert to notify staff members when they are overwriting pre marked attendance 
  • Bug fixes including fixing Mac Calendars, weekly email alerts, sorting columns, timetable clashes, and a few others

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1547):

  • Various fixes and improvements made to document uploading in XUNO and the Portal
  • New lesson plans created are now no longer published to parents and students by default

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1546):

  • Classes which a student is no longer enrolled in are now excluded from the auto-book feature of Parent Teacher Interviews. These classes are displayed in the Portal with a tag and can still be booked manually
  • Fixed an issue which would sometimes prevent older internal messages from being loaded

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1545):

  • Large speed improvements across XUNO and the Portal for schools with many uploaded documents
    IMPORTANT: Be sure to backup your XUNO installation files before updating
  • New 'No Export' column added to attendance types. Any student timetable records marked as a reason with this setting will not be exported from XUNO
    Tip: You might use this setting to mark rolls for students no longer in a class
  • Improvements made to Edval import to more accurately identify subject code
  • XUNO can now export your Parent Teacher Interviews report to CSV
  • You can now update the payment due date of an event or fee even after the event has been approved
    You'll be given the option to either preserve any individual payment extensions that have been given to parents, or overwrite them with the new due date.
  • Sent Messages report now includes app notifications
  • Improvements to events and fees for mobile devices

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1544):

  • Improvements made to app notification sending speed
  • Added year selector to the Portal's Classwork and Homework pages so that parents and students can easily review work from previous years
  • Option to SMS kiosk passes now separated into parents, students and visitors to give you more control of communication preferences
  • Display improvements made throughout XUNO for smaller screens
  • Processing of student information improved to better flag ATSI students
  • General stability and performance improvements to XUNO and the Portal

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1543):

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Overdue Payments Report to export extra information that was not included in the original report
  • Resolved issue which would sometimes cause attachments to be saved incorrectly
  • General stability and performance improvements to XUNO and the Portal

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1542):

  • Improved feedback messages for parents when they have restricted access to download reports in the Portal
  • General stability and performance improvements to XUNO and the Portal

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1541):

  • Display and layout improvements made to Parent and Student Portal when viewed on a smaller devices.
  • Kiosk conditions of entry text now supports more character encoding types.
  • Parent Teacher Interviews report can now be sorted by room.
  • Resolved issue where the message sending page would display incorrect recipient count under certain conditions.
  • Resolved issue causing some class names to appear blank.
  • Improved accuracy of SAS parent and contact export data.
  • General stability and performance improvements to XUNO and the Portal

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1540):

  • Added new Description and Status Message fields to Staffing Preferences page. This allows you to show staff specific information on search results
  • Increased character encoding support across XUNO including the Kiosk Conditions of Entry text
  • Resolved a permission issue stopping some users from importing their timetable
  • Fixed issue where the school URL was being truncated on permission slips
  • General stability and performance improvements to XUNO and the Portal

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1539):

  • Fixed an issue that was generating an error when downloading Lesson Plans
  • General stability and performance improvements to XUNO and the Portal
  • Fixed an issue causing an error to appear when printing Awards

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1538):

  • New Markbook feature that allows administrators to create global marking schemas for teachers to use. We've pre-filled some schemas that you might find helpful
  • New Markbook feature that allows teachers to re-order dropdown items to their choosing
  • A new finance report has been added which shows overdue payments allowing you to view outstanding items for both Fees and Events

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1537):

  • New page released which allows administrators to upload student reports from within XUNO.
  • Staff photos now visible when looking at another teacher's dashboard
  • Removed class codes from the timetable in the Portal ensuring students and parents can see information most relevant to them.

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1536):

  • New Feature! With the Introduction of our Fees & Levies module, keep your team organised and parents happy with a host of features designed to manage fees and process bulk online payments

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1535):

  • Fixed a small issue causing LEFT students to be hidden in the Markbook
  • Made improvements to the Bulk Actions page, you can now select classes by year level
  • We have added a new Permission for Parents and Students. Administrators can now decide if they would like to allow Read Only access or No Access to Progress Reports
  • General stability and performance improvements to XUNO and the Portal

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1534):

  • The alternative to cancelling classes has arrived! The Bulk Actions page appearing under the Daily Org menu allows administrators to manage classes in bulk
  • Fixed an issue preventing certain tick boxes from saving
  • Users can now add Revisions to all Learning Plans
  • General stability and performance improvements to XUNO and the Portal

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1533):

  • The ability to create HTML templates for awards and letters has been deprecated as it was not being used. Schools are now using DOCX templates instead
  • Fixed an issue preventing certain Yard Duties from coming across into XUNO via Edvals
  • General stability and performance improvements to XUNO and the Portal

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1532):

  • Dropdowns now work when creating News items and Calendar items
  • The staff timetable will now distinguish between the types of extras i.e In-Lieu, Not Counted etc
  • General stability and performance improvements to XUNO and the Portal

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1531):

  • General stability and performance improvements to XUNO and the Portal

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1530):

  • New settings added to the Kiosk Settings page. These settings control the Conditions of Entry agreement which will be available in an upcoming version of the Kiosk. Look out for an email with more information.
  • General stability and performance improvements to XUNO and the Portal

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1529):

  • We have added a bit of colour to your staff Dashboard! This will help you understand what group each Calendar event belongs to
  • On Demand tests will now show an expected level for year 7 and below
  • New Working with Children Check column on the Kiosk Sign-in/Sign-out report. Visitor WWCC number's will be stored with an upcoming update to your Xuno Kiosk
  • General stability and performance improvements to XUNO and the Portal

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1528):

  • Progress Reports are now able to be printed with comments and in colour
  • Fixed an issue causing the CASES AM/PM Monthly export to show incorrect attendance
  • Removed the Approve By date appearing on Permission Slips when an Event does not require parent permission
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some parents from receiving notifications about internal messages on the app
  • Small optimizations to the staff side of XUNO on mobile devices
  • General stability and performance improvements to XUNO and the Portal

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1527):

  • Fixed an issue preventing parents and students from accessing their Portal
  • Fixed an issue that prevented removing old medical records from XUNO if the record had been deleted in CASES
  • Fixed an issue that caused users to see an incorrect error when entering the wrong LDAP username and password
  • General stability and performance improvements to XUNO and the Portal.

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1526):

  • Fixed an issue that would cause students and parents to receive notifications for newly created News items and Calendar items that were sent to the staff group. 
  • General stability and performance improvements to XUNO and the Portal.

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1525):

  • Fixed a permission issue that effected non admin users. 
  • General stability and performance improvements to XUNO and the Portal. 

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1524):

  • Added the ability to receive notifications via our XUNO APP. If you have our APP installed you can now receive notifications for new Internal Messages, new Calendar items, new News items, new Markbook items, Class Cancellations, Room Cancellations, Daily Organisation changes, and many more. 
  • Added the ability for parents to part pay for an Event in the Portal.
  • Added the ability for Admins to choose that users login with the LDAP email instead of their LDAP username. 
  • Improved the performance of our Roll marking page on mobile devices.
  • Added the ability to import Victorian Curriculum results. 
  • As an Admin, you can now choose to show or hide student medical information on the student Portal.
  • General stability and performance improvements to XUNO and the Portal. 

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1523):

  • General stability and performance improvements to XUNO and the Portal.

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1522):

  • Added four new Uncompleted Work merge fields which display the original and extended due date.
  • Email sending method adjusted in hosted environments to prevent email blocking.
  • Wrapping and display of classes with long names fixed in the Markbook.
  • Previous parent teacher interview bookings are now hidden from the staff Parent Teacher Interviews page.
  • Display improvements to Daily Organisation.
  • Fixed an issue sometimes causing a Markbook class not to remain selected after saving.
  • Fixed issue sometimes causing student classwork and homework not to display on the student profile page.
  • Fixed issue with the filtering on the User Accounts page.
  • Improved permission checks in Progress Reports feature.
  • General stability and performance improvements to XUNO and the Portal.

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1521):

  • Improvements made to EDSAS export to increase performance.
  • When printing an event permission slip, the student code is now displayed.
  • Fixed issue sometimes causing absence text messages to not be sent.
  • Empty and yard duty classes are no longer shown when adding students to events.
  • Improvements to markbook item duplication.
  • Fixed issue sometimes causing incorrect count of uncompleted work to be displayed in the Portal.
  • Improvements to FirstClass timetable import.
  • Improvements to PHP 7.1 support.
  • General stability and performance improvements to XUNO and the Portal.

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1520):

  • Improvements to PHP 7.1 support
  • General stability and performance improvements to XUNO and the Portal.

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1519):

  • Add support for PHP version 7.1.
  • Removed the Uncompleted Work (Pre v7.7) and Homework (Pre v7.7) features.
  • General stability and performance improvements to XUNO and the Portal.

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1518):

  • Resolved issue stopping some users from saving lesson plans.
  • Improved timetable import class list accuracy.

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1517):

  • When creating an award from an achievement, the fields Award Text, Award Venue, Award Date and Award Time and now saved instead of being reset each time you create the award.

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1516):

  • Inactive CRTs are now visible from the Staffing Preferences page on the Relief Teachers tab.
  • Table headers on Daily Org page now remain fixed when scrolling.
  • Improvements to the way large room timetables are displayed.
  • An adjustment to the XUNO calendar subscription will cause it to sync data more quickly.
  • When creating a new lesson plan, you can now attach documents without having to save first.
  • Room changes are now coloured on the Rooms and Resources page.
  • General stability and performance improvements to XUNO and the Portal.

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1515):

  • Small adjustment made to the XUNO installer.

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1514):

  • Parents can now update their contact details when making a payment through the payment gateway. Any adjustments will be sent to the school email address.
  • When adding students to an event by class, you can now choose which classes you would like to view by selecting the appropriate quilt.
  • Various fixes and improvements to the Markbook feature.
  • The AM/PM attendance export will now export students without classes for a session as present instead of not marked.
  • General stability and performance improvements to XUNO and the Portal.

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1513):

  • Support for uploading student information data directly to XUNO when a network transfer is not available.
  • In addition to AM and PM, periods can now be set to 'Time' which causes XUNO to split the period into AM or PM by period time when exporting half-day attendance data.
  • New text messaging option in Incidents and Actions feature which mandates that a text message is sent when saving a new incident or action.
  • When editing an incident or action, you can now print letters for secondary families.
  • Improved the speed of setting multiple user's passwords from the User Accounts page.
  • Adjustments to the Portal Messages page to improve loading time and stability.
  • Teachers can now only delete a markbook item if there is no student work attached.
  • Improvements to the filtering on the Career Plans page.
  • General stability and performance improvements to XUNO and the Portal.

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1512):

  • Fixed count of selected items on multiple drop down lists.
  • Various fixes to the room and resource booking pages when using Internet Explorer
  • General stability and performance improvements to XUNO and the Portal.

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1511):

  • When importing a timetable from manual files, you can now import in a comma separated format.
  • We've resolved an issue which would sometimes prevent some merge fields from displaying correctly.
  • Display improvements to messages in the Portal.
  • In the Events feature, access to commonly used reports and features have now been moved to the header for easy access.
  • It appeared that Scheduled Attendances were not being applied even after a staff member had manually marked that student as Unmarked. They will work correctly now. 
  • We noticed that Some Secondary Families were not appearing in XUNO. That's all fixed. 
  • You can now view a calendar summary of a students previous years Attendance on their profile. Simply go to the Student Profile > Attendance page and keep clicking left to go back to the month you are after.  
  • We noticed not all attachments were showing when a staff member sent a few attachments to a group of students. They will appear now. 
  • You can now choose what student you would like to print a permission slip for when viewing an Event. 

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1510):

  • There were a few little bugs causing PTI's to not be booked correctly. They are all fixed now. 
  • We made some adjustments to the way XUNO responds on mobile devices. It will be much easier now to click on search results when staff search another Staff member, Parent, or Student.
  • When a staff member tried to give an extension to a student via Markbook, sometimes the top of the Calendar would be cut off. We have adjusted this to show correctly. 

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1509):

  • You asked so we delivered... Parents and Students can now click on the Completed Assignments button in the Portal! This will take them to a summary page of the Completed Assignments and Tasks.
  • When viewing a class in the Portal, we have added a little email icon next to the teachers name. This will allow you to email the teacher. 
  • We got some feedback on the "Marked Linked Periods" tickbox when staff mark their roll. We have changed it so that it remains ticked or unticked. Simply untick this and next time you mark your roll it will not be ticked again. Or if you prefer, you can leave it ticked. 
  • When viewing the News in the Portal, simply clicking on the News item on your homepage, will cause XUNO to anchor to that particular News item on the next page. Now you will know which one you clicked on! 

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1508):

  • When using IE and removing a teacher from a class where no replacement teacher was required, there was a little issue preventing this from being saved correctly. That has been fixed. 
  • There was a little Bug allowing staff to book unavailable room via their Timetable. We fixed that and made sure unavailable rooms cannot be booked anywhere.
  • We fixed a few small Bugs on the Staffing Preferences page that appeared in IE.  
  • There was an error appearing when staff tried to access the Students tab in any Event. This will not appear again. 

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1507):

  • It looked like the Vivo Miles export was sorely missed! We added it back to make sure you can easily download this info. 
  • We found a small issue preventing No reply SMS from being sent in XUNO. It didn't affect anyone but we fixed it anyway.  

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1506):

  • The was a permission Bug preventing users from viewing Events. We fixed that for you. 

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1505):

  • We noticed that words were being broken incorrectly when users were sending long messages via our Messaging module in the Portal. It looks a lot better now.
  • You will now no longer receive an error message when messaging all Students in an Event. 
  • Our handy autobook feature for PTI's in the Portal was working a little too well, it was autobooking every class! Now it will only autobook classes the student is currently enrolled. 
  • There were a few instances of inactive staff initials appearing in the current timetable. That's all fixed. 
  • We have added the ability for Students to sign into the Kiosk using the first part of their email address. 

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1504):

  • It looked like there was a formatting issue when viewing the page School > Timetable & Rooms >  Book Rooms & Resources in IE. We now display that page properly. 

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1503):

  • We thought we would make it a bit easier for Parents and the Students who are using our messaging feature in the Portal. You now see a summary of recent conversations first before you view the message box.

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1502):

  • We have added  the ability to open Wellbeing notes in read only mode. This will allow users to view public records and download any attachments. 
  • There was a restriction preventing staff from marking rolls any longer than 2 weeks in the past. We removed that as we felt everyone needed a bit more time to Mark all of their rolls.
  • You can now open up any search result in a new tab! Just search the Parent, Staff or Student and mousewheel click on the result you are after. 
  • The was a small Bug preventing staff from viewing comments in the Progress Reports, we have fixed that for you.
  • Ever wanted to edit Markbook items that another teacher created for the same class that you teach? We have added the ability to do this as long as you both teach the same class.
  • If you ever wanted to generate Academic Reports for a Secondary Family of a student, you are in luck! You can now do this.
  • We have made all of the names on the page Options > Software Settings > User Accounts links to help you view their profile much easier. 

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1501):

  • There was an a little Bug causing the Classwork and Homework page on a Students Profile to not be visible, we have fixed that for you. 
  • Various other little Bug Fixes and improvements made to XUNO 

Release Notes for v10.3 (build 1500):

  • Brand new Parent Absence Reasons feature! Collect notes from parents and adjust attendance records from one simple page.
  • You can now set each teacher's availability by individual period instead of just days to better improve class replacements.
  • Subscribe to your XUNO calendar! View your XUNO calendar on all your devices with the new XUNO calendar subscription service.
  • Big improvements have been made to the Parent Teacher Interview feature including the ability to set different interview durations for different interview periods - now you can give individual year levels or houses different interview lengths. User interface improvements make managing staff bookings even easier.
  • It is now easier to keep track of which users have received a welcome email to make getting new users logged in to XUNO even easier.
  • Some automated text messages in XUNO have been shortened to make sure they all fit on one message.
  • Text messages sent to parents when a student signs in can now be sent to only one parent. Adjust this in Settings > Kiosk Settings.
  • Event UI improvements including a new messaging feature, better overview tabs, participant sorting, logs and more....

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