Sending an email, SMS or internal message

You can send emails (with attachments), internal messages and SMS through your XUNO software. Staff can only use the messaging features that you give them access to via the permissions settings.

This article only covers sending general messages. To learn how to send attendance absence SMS messages please read the article titled 'How to send an attendance SMS'.

  1. From the School menu click on the Send a Message menu item under the Communication subheading.
  2. Choose your recipients from the drop-down lists.
  3. Choose what type of message you are going to send – Internal MessageEmail, SMS or App Notification. You may only have access to use some of these options.
  4. Enter your message in the field provided. If you are sending an email or internal message you can also attach files to your message.
  5. Click on the Send button to send your message.

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