Reconciling event payments and transactions

Transaction Definition:
A transaction can consist of one or multiple payments, each for a different event or item. For example, a parent can choose to pay for two events in one go (the first for $50, the second for $30), making a total of $80 for the one transaction.


Transactions report

This report shows a chronologically ordered list of each transaction made (manual transactions staff have added and online transactions made by a parent).

  1. Click on the Administration menu and choose Transactions Report under the Finance sub-heading.
  2. The report displays the entire current month by default. Click on the date in the top right corner to change the date range of the report. 
  3. Each transaction is shown in chronological order. Transactions with multiple payment items are displayed as "Multiple Items" in the description. Negative amounts indicate a manual reversal of a payment made and can only be made by staff.
  4. Click on the Receipt icon in a corresponding row to show the payment made and who processed the transaction.
  5. The Funds Disbursed column shows when the funds of each online transaction were settled and disbursed to your school's bank account. Typically this takes 1-2 business days after the transaction has occurred. Manual transactions added by the school will show N/A in this column.
  6. You can export the report by clicking on the Export to CSV button at the top of the page.

"CC" and "Manual" labels:  Each Transaction No. will show the type of transaction made. "CC" = Credit Card; "Manual" = a transaction added manually by staff at your school.


Online Transactions Payouts report

Use this report to reconcile your bank statement to the online transactions made. The report shows which online transactions have been settled and disbursed into your bank account and for what each payment was for.

Due to the nature of online banking and to enhance security, online transactions are processed and then typically take 1-2 business days for settlement to occur before the funds are automatically disbursed into your account. Each disbursement made will appear as a lump sum in your bank account and can consist of multiple transactions. For example: your schools processes 10x $100 transactions through a given day, two business days later a disbursement is made for total sum of $1000 into your school bank account, and will appear on your bank statement with an amount of $1000.

  1. Click on the Administration menu and then choose the Online Transactions Payout item under the Finance sub-heading.
  2. The report displays the entire current month by default. Click on the date in the top right corner to change the date range of the report.
  3. The report will only show funds that have been disbursed. It will not show pending disbursements. Each green row is one disbursement and will appear as one row on your bank statement.
  4. The date shown for each green disbursement is the settlement date (the date we disburse the funds), and may not necessarily align with the date on your bank statement. For example, if the funds are settled and disbursed after 5pm on a given date, depending on your bank they may not appear on your bank statement until one or two days later - this is dependant on how each bank processes their transfers. 

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