Create and manage events

Creating an event

  1. Click on School menu and then click on the Events item. 
  2. Click on the Add Event button and enter your event details (The Name & Purpose fields are mandatory fields). Alternatively, find a similar event and click the Copy icon and choose whether to include students and/or staff.
  3. Choose an option in the Parent Approval Required field: 
    1. Choose the Yes (signature or electronic approval) option if you want your parents to be able to approve the event with an SMS security code, or manually print and sign it. 
    2. Choosing the Yes (signature approval only) will prompt the parent to print and sign the permission slip. 
    3. Select the No option when the event does not require approval.
  4. The Payment & Approval Due Date prevents parents from approving or paying for the event in the portal past the selected date. Parents will still be able to print off the permission slip and return it. Set this date as required.
  5. Click Save at the bottom of the page. The event will be created with a Pending status.
  6. Add your students and staff by clicking on the respective tabs at the top of the page.
  7. Add the costs to your school and cost per student on the Costs tab. The individual cost items are for your reference only and are not printed or shown to parents.
  8. Add any additional attachments under the Attachments tab. Attachments are not printed, and are only visible on the Parent Portal once an event has been approved and published.    

Locked Costs: To maintain data integrity all costs are locked and can not be modified once your event has been approved.


Changing an event status

Users with Event Approval permission are permitted to approve an event. By default staff do not have this permission level. You can change your event status on the Event tab page:

  • Pending - this is the default status after an event has been created
  • Approved - approving an event will create payment items for each student. To maintain data integrity, approved events can not be deleted and you will not be able to edit items on the Costs tab. Approving an event will allow you to adjust individual payment items per student, split payments and create payment plans. Approved events must be published for parents and students to be visible in the Portal.
  • Not Approved - only pending events can be changed to "Not Approved". You will still be able to modify your events details including costs, and approve the event at a later date. These events can not be published to parents and students.
  • Cancelled - to maintain data integrity, once an event has been cancelled it can not be re-approved. All payments made will remain as a reference, and all fields will be locked. Cancelled events can not be deleted.


Publishing an event

Events must be published for parents and students to be visible in the Portal. You can still print permission slips without publishing the event. The publish feature has been designed to allow you to create individual payment options, plans and split payments for students after approving an event and before parents and students see it.

You can change your events published status on the  Event tab page. You can publish and un-publish an event as many times as you like.

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