How to re-register your XUNO Kiosk

Occasionally your XUNO Kiosk may unregister itself from XUNO - this can occur when the iOS updates itself or when the Kiosk sits idle for a number of weeks. Follow the steps below to re-register your Kiosk:

  1. Unlock the Kiosk and check that it is connected to the schools wireless network
  2. If the Kiosk is not connected to the wireless network, tap on the Settings application and connect the Kiosk to your wireless network
  3. Tap on the XUNO Kiosk application
  4. The register Kiosk page will appear
  5. Enter your API Key and Kiosk Serial Number into the two fields provided (read the instructions bellow to retrieve this information) and then tap the Save button. Your Kiosk will re-register itself, show you the main Kiosk screen and you can continue to use it as per normal.

Where do I find the API Key?
Login to XUNO as an administration, click on the Options menu then click on General Settings. You'll find your "API Key" under the database information sub-heading.

Where do I find the Kiosk Serial Number?
You can find it in two spots - a) it's usually stuck to the back of your Kiosk (at the bottom or behind the iPad enclosure); or b) you can login to XUNO as an administration, click on the  Options menu then click on Kiosks. You'll then find the serial number for your kiosk on this page.

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