Send an attendance absence SMS

Send a pre-defined or a custom attendance SMS to parents of students. An SMS can be sent to both parents of the student’s primary family. 

Note: No SMS will be sent if the parent’s correspondence flag is set to “no” or a parent has the “access restrictions” flag set to “yes” in Cases21.

  1. From the Administration menu click on the Student Absences Report under the Attendance subheading.
  2. Select the appropriate filtering options you require* and then click the Show button.
  3. Select the checkbox related to the students whose parents should receive an SMS. You can also use the Select All option found in the header row of your results' table.
  4. Click on [Send Absence SMS] link found underneath the filtering options.
  5. In the pop-up window that appears, write a new message or choose an existing SMS template. You can use the attendance merge fields to personalise your message.
  6. Select the Send to both Parents option if you would like XUNO to send an SMS to both parents of the student's primary family. By default the SMS will only be sent to one parent.
  7. Click the Send button. An alert will appear if XUNO was unable to send the SMS to one or both parents.

*If you are sending the absence SMS in the morning, you may find it necessary to filter the Absences to only show morning periods, such as AM or Period 1 + 2. Some schools who mark both AM and PM periods at once in the morning, who also use a Kiosk for students signing in may find that PM attendance needs to be manually adjusted to reflect the students' presence at school once they've arrived. Filtering out your PM periods means you can choose to do this later in the day, and send SMS only to those students who have not appeared at school yet. For more information, phone XUNO Support.

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