Version 8.6 release notes

Important: Please read these release notes carefully before updating.

Update your PHP version
Version 8.6 of the XUNO Suite includes enhancements which require PHP version 5.6 or higher.

To find out if you need to update your installation of PHP and how to perform the update, please read the related article below titled "How to update PHP". 

Is your current version below 8.4?
If you aren’t already using the 8.4 version then you will need to update to version 8.4 first. 

This is because version 8.4 has a number of timetable and attendance enhancements. Please read the version 8.4 release notes in the related articlebelow and then contact our support team to perform the upgrade.


Release Notes for v8.6 (build 1367):

  • New markbook enrolment feature - The markbook now automatically takes into account staff and student enrolments. Users can also adjust each student's date of enrolment and exit to the selected class. This provides greater control over which markbook items apply to each student. Students, staff and parents will only be shown markbook items which apply to the student.
  • Messaging groups such as 'Teachers of a student' are now affected by student class enrolments.
  • New staff preferences feature - Maximum extras for each staff member can now have decimal places.
  • Restyled multiple pages within XUNO for improved ease of use.
  • Multiple improvements to XUNO suite for use on your mobile device.
  • General stability and performance improvements to the XUNO and Portal.

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