Adding new calendar types and events

XUNO allows for an unlimited number of calendars. Each faculty could have their own calendar in addition to each staff member’s own personal calendar. Different calendars are important for categorising events and information, and for sharing calendar items with specific groups. 

For example, you may have a School Events calendar with calendar items for school events that will be shared with Staff, Parents and Students, or another Staff Meeting calendar with calendar items/bookings specifically relevant to Staff only. Events that you add to a calendar can then appear in student and parent calendars. The calendar also integrates with student incidents and actions to allow staff to set reminders to follow up certain items.

To add, edit or delete calendars, follow the steps below. 

  1. Click on the Options menu and under the Software Settings subheading, click on the Lists & Options menu item.
  2. Select Calendars from the School section.
  3. Add any new Calendars needed for your school organisation by typing in the new Calendar name. 
  4. Select the dot colour that will appear next the Calendar items.
  5. Select which groups (Staff, Parents and Students) will be able to see the Calendar items.
  6. Edit existing Calendars by modifying their dot colour and/or tick box settings as required.
  7. Delete any existing Calendar by clicking on the X icon. A verification message will pop up that asks you to verify the deletion of the Calendar. Select OK if you are sure that this Calendar is no longer used.

Note: Deleting a Calendar will delete all calendar items/bookings associated with that Calendar.

To add a calendar event, follow the steps below. 

  1. Click on the School menu and then click on the Calendar menu item under the Communication subheading.
  2. Click on the empty space of the date that you would like to add the event to.
  3. Enter the event name and notes.
  4. Alter the From and To dates and times if necessary.
  5. Select the date you would like XUNO to remind you of this event using the Alert section.
  6. Select which calendar you would like to add the event to. Only calendars which you have permission to add items to will appear.
  7. Select which users you would like to show the event to.
  8. Click the Save button.

Did you know?
XUNO can also automatically send an email alert to the relevant users attached to the calendar event. For instructions on how to enable or disable email alerts, read the article: How to setup and manage email alerts for parents, staff and students.

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