Managing and using bus routes

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Adding or Modifying Bus Route Names

  1. Click on the Options menu and then click on the Lists & Options item under the Software Settings subheading.
  2. Choose Bus Routes from the drop-down list (found under the Students group).
  3. Add or modify your bus route names as required. You can also delete unused bus routes providing no students have been assigned to the-at particular route.


Assigning a Student to a Bus Route

  1. Search for and select a student by using the search bar located in the top right corner of your screen.
  2. Use the Bus Transport drop-down list on the Student Information page to change the selected student’s bus route. You will only be able to modify this option if you have the appropriate permissions.


Bus Route Reports

  1. Click on the Administration menu and then click on Bus Routes under the Reports subheading.
  2. Use the filtering options to change your report as needed.
  3. Your report will show the bus route, student, form, parent and emergency contact details.
  4. Click on the Export to CSV or Print buttons to export and/or print your data. If you export to a CSV file, you can then change and remove the columns as required.

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