How to import students, staff, parents and contact details

All student, staff, parent and contact details must be imported and kept up-to-date from your SIS (School Information Software). We support and import data from the following SIS software products.

  • MAZE
  • Civica
  • Denbigh
  • Human Edge SAS
  • EdSAS and DUX

How to Import Your Data

The steps needed to import your data depend on which SIS program you are using. We do not allow you to edit your SIS data inside of XUNO so as to keep your data integrity. Your SIS should always be your primary and accurate source of data.

Follow the related articles that correspond to your SIS. Please contact your SIS supplier if the instructions you need are not found here.

New User Accounts

New user accounts for staff, students and parents are automatically created when you import new records. Please read the corresponding article for more information. 


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