Adding and removing staff Parent Teacher Interview bookings

You can assign permissions to staff so that they can only view/modify bookings, make bookings with their own students, and/or with any student. Staff should only book interviews when parents are unable to do so.

  1. Choose a staff member from the search box or click on your XUNO menu item if you are editing your own interviews.
  2. Click on the Parent Interviews item in the left menu.
  3. To add a booking, select a student and time slot from the corresponding class. The confirmed booking will appear as a new row under the “Confirmed Bookings” section.
  4. To delete a confirmed booking, click on the corresponding delete button.
  5. To block out a time slot (and subsequently prevent parents from making a booking at that time), click on Show Available Times,  then click on the block button for each corresponding session you would like to block out. Alternatively you can click to block all session by clicking the button on the top right of the table. 

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