How to use the student Pulse

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How to Use the Student Pulse

The Pulse feature in the staff Dashboard page will provide you with a live list of recently added entries, including incidents, achievements, notes and notifications. This feature has been designed to allow you to easily view any student’s recent activity. Staff will only see items from students that are members of their Mentor Group and items that the staff member has permissions to view.

Once you have read a pulse item you can acknowledge the item and the software will no longer show you the entry at the top of the list. Other staff can see which items you have acknowledged and vice-versa. To acknowledge an item click on the corresponding items tick button and its text colour will change to light grey.

Did you know?
When a new item is added to students in your Mentor Group, the Notifications alert icon will appear in the top blue header bar as an alert. Click on the Notifications alert icon to view your Pulse alerts. Clicking on a Pulse alert in the Notifications pane will direct you to your Dashboard page.


How to Add or Remove Students From Your Mentor Group

The mentor group is used to link students to the Pulse feature. Items will only appear in the Pulse if the student is a member of your mentor group. Unless you give staff additional permissions, the default permissions provided only allow each staff member to edit their own mentor group.

  1. Choose a staff member from the search bar or click on the My XUNO menu item to view your dashboard.
  2. Click on the Settings (cog) button next to the Pulse header. If you are editing your own mentor group you can also click on the Options menu then click on the My Mentor Group item from any page.
  3. Use the drop down lists to add students into your mentor group by form, house, class, surname, year level or individually. Each filter row you add works as an AND join, and further refines the students that will be added to your list.
  4. Click the Add button.
  5. From the list you can likewise click on the Delete button to remove a selection of students.

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