How to add confidential, general and wellbeing notes

XUNO can be used to store a variety of data within the student profile. You can also add attachments of any file type, which will remain available on the student’s record even after the student has left the school.

  • (General) Notes – should be used for and by all staff for miscellaneous notes and teaching instructions
  • Confidential Notes – should be used for confidential information or discussions with the student, parents or other parties. We recommend that you limit access to this section only to the Principal or Wellbeing staff
  • Wellbeing – should be used for all welfare associated information and welfare staff, including reports (e.g. psychologists, speech therapy, etc.). We recommend that you limit access to this section only to the welfare staff, chaplains, and if required the Principal


 Adding a Note or Wellbeing Item

  1. Choose a student from the search bar.
  2. Click on the Notes, Confidential Notes, or Wellbeing item in the left menu.
  3. Click on the Add button to add a new record.

Just a word of advice...

Only authorised staff members should be given access to the Confidential Notes and Wellbeing pages. On these pages, an additional level of permission is available when selecting the Other users can view this record checkbox. Selecting the checkbox will allow any user to have access to the menu item and view this record, even if other records are not available to them. This option has been added to these sections, to allow you to share limited information with staff without compromising any other sensitive information.

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